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Metanna is...

  • Galvanizing the Metal Roofing and PV Industries around a new concept and culture that successfully blends the sustainability and attributes of both venues into a collaborative product and service.
  • Partnering with the metal roofing community around PV, making it easy, affordable and profitable for metal roofing industry constituents to offer PV alternatives to their customer bases.
  • Synergizing the cost and practical benefits of PV on metal by delivering to construction designers and user categories the powerful message of the cost savings and practical benefits of the marriage of PV with metal roofing.
  • Presenting a compelling story that when PV is a building design objective, the only roof type that should be considered is metal.

Simply put, Metanna untangles the myriad complexities of the PV world for our Power Partners, a signature relationship that enables our Partners to market and sell a full line of solar products and services to their existing customer bases and prospective markets.  This partnership coalesces in a way that not only supplements each Power Partner’s core business, but also grows it by offering a wide spectrum of PV goods, technologies and services!

Powering Metal Roofs

Both the Photovoltaic (PV) power generation and the Metal Roofing Industries are growing with promise.  They appeal to popular “green” objectives, while also pointing to durability, fiscal responsibility, long-term ownership, low carbon footprint, effective life-cycle cost, and sustainability.  Metal roofing is the ideal match for PV platforms due to its longer service life, low maintenance costs, energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness when compared with other roofing material types. Metal roof surfaces also allow penetration-free attachment of PV systems and other rooftop ancillaries, protecting the roof’s integrity and warranties.