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Metanna Acquires EnergyPeak

In 2010, Metanna purchased EnergyPeak. EnergyPeak was formed by CENTRIA Services Group, in partnership with UNI-SOLAR, in 2007 with the goals of advancing the efficient and affordable integration of solar technology with standing seam metal roofing, and to promote the adoption of building integrated photovoltaic solar standing seam on behalf of the entire standing seam industry.

Why Metanna?

Metanna has been established to introduce a new concept and culture to the Photovoltaic (PV) and Metal Roofing Industry venues that successfully blends the sustainability and attributes of both into a synergistic product and service. Our company was designed with the intention to galvanize the metal roofing community around PV technology. Metanna's desire is to make it easy, affordable and profitable for the metal roofing industry constituents to offer PV alternatives to their customer bases. Both the PV power generation and the metal roofing industries are growing with promise. Both appeal to popular "green" objectives, while also pointing to fiscal responsibility, long-term ownership, low carbon footprint, and effective life-cycle cost, and sustainable construction. The marriage of PV with metal roofing makes more economic and ecological sense than any other roof type. Metal Roofing makes the ideal match for PV platforms because of the longer service life of the roof, ease of mounting, penetration-free attachment details, and because metal roofing is environmentally friendly.