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Portland, MI Case Study

A 5kW [Metanna] system was installed in Portland, MI. [Metanna] panels are designed to work in lower-light, cloudy conditions that are prevalent in the north/northeast portion of the U.S. This is because [Metanna] BIPV utilizes triple-junction technology that captures not only blue and green light, as traditional crystalline silicon PV panels do, but also captures the longer wavelength red light which passes through clouds and snow. Since there are shorter daylight hours in winter and less sunny days, [Metanna] collects ambient and diffuse light through clouds and snow, and turns it into energy. Therefore, [Metanna] solar systems, designed with UNI-SOLAR® PV laminate modules, still produce power early in the morning, late in the evening, and on cloudy days. In grid-connected applications like [Metanna], the PV system works in parallel with the utility power grid. Electrical needs are first met by [Metanna] solar until they exceed solar power output, and the remaining needs are met by the local power utility. Also, when the [Metanna] PV system generates more energy than the building requires, the excess power is sent to the utility grid, reversing the electrical meter and saving power there.

Mount Union University

Project Name: Mount Union University
Location: Alliance, OH
System Size: 54.5 kW
Provider Name: Sheffield Metals International

Terra Verde Greenovation

Project Name: Terra Verde Greenovation
Location: Ocala, FL
System Size: 7.6kW
Provider Name: ASI Building Products


Metanna is a new offering, but as installations of Metanna roofs occur we'll be adding case studies on an ongoing basis. Be sure to check back occasionally.